And in with the new designs !

Solar Ring in Silver & Blue Topaz


And a really great way to start off the year is with some beautiful new designs from Madeleine. She was saying to me the other day, that one thing with a lockdown is it's given her more time to be creative and let her imagination have a run around.

And so, look above at the stunning Solar Ring ! I'm really knocked out with this. It has a kind of Egyptian/Art Deco feel - the Blue Topaz being like the Eye of Horus. I don't know if you've ever been to Egypt but I've been three times, I caught the bug off my Dad who was stationed there during World War II. Being a lad from the East End of London and having never been anywhere, and even though it was war, he couldn't believe his luck that he got sent there of all places. When I went there I realised how much the Art Deco movement was influenced by Egypt, the lines and the colours; it was about the same time I think that they opened up King Tut's tomb.

Another new ring design is the Daydream Ring - part of Madeleine's Wildlife Collection. A pretty sterling silver ring carrying G&B's signature dragonfly decorated in gold vermeil with a beautiful Moonstone. Both of the rings are adjustable.

Daydream Ring in Moonstone

Madeleine has also designed some new earrings to join the Wildlife Collection - these are the gorgeous Dragonfly Hoop Earrings, again made in sterling silver & decorated with gold vermeil. Have a look around the Wildlife & Earring Collections as she has also designed some new Swallow Hoops plus Bee & Dragonfly Dangle Hoops too.

Dragonfly Hoop Earrings


And to top it all off is the new Dragonfly Bangle. A very pretty & elegant bangle made of sterling silver & gold vermeil with G&B's signature dragonfly set with a sparkling Blue Topaz stone !

 Dragonly Bangle in Blue Topaz

And we're just about to head into February. I always think that weather wise it's the most testing time of the year, but I live on a boat so it's my own fault !

As I was talking about Egypt, this is my suggestion if you're stuck for something to watch and have started to exhaust movie ideas (I know I nearly have - been rewatching things from donkeys ago) try  'Secrets of Egypt's Valley of the Kings available free on Channel 4's site.

Stay safe.