Colour Culture

Colours everywhere

Vibrant colours are usually associated with the sun - summer, carnivals, festivals & the exotic & so having to hibernate, wrap up & hunker down means we most probably could do with the vibrancy of colour to get us through these times of less light & spending so much time at home, more than ever.

Colour is a life essential in Mexico, I've just been looking at pictures of building murals, painted buildings & graffiti, the shock of colour & detail is beautiful, & within the colours are stories & symbols. Frida Kahlo is most probably Mexico's most celebrated artist, her work was influenced by Mexican folk culture, her own beliefs, politics & consisted of many self portraits expressing her passion & life experience. You can see her work everywhere you go, her face, her headress, earrings. necklaces, so striking & familiar . There are many things you can buy now inspired by her unmistakable personal style - I wonder what she would make of it.  The Frida Kahlo Museum online shows a lot of her paintings & photos with a viritual tour of her house & surroundings.

After art college Madeleine & a friend travelled around South America ending up in Mexico. Madeleine got the bug & decided to stay. That's where she learnt silver smithing, & the use of colour in Mexico was a big influence on her. For some time she had a jewellery workshop in the Mexican hills where she discovered her unique jewellery style looking at how she could set the gemstones into her designs. I've seen her photos & it looks fantastic.

I do love bright colours, my house is full of them, pictures, posters, rugs, cushions, even the kettle, but wearing them is different somehow. As I've mentioned before I have a penchant for wearing black & there's me talking about colours ! But even for me black can get too much at times, I look in the mirror & think really?, surely I can do better than this. I move on to my next favourite.... we're talking ! But I've got to be in the mood for wearing red, I can't wear it if I don't have the thing to carry it off. So if that's the case, then it's back to black. This is where the jewellery I have, that has rich, bright colours can turn all that around. Madeleine has recently started using peridot. If you're not familiar with it, it's a kind of vibrant lime green, very sparkly like a topaz or amethyst. Looks fabulous against black, have a look at the Iris Earrings & you'll see what I mean. She also has three fabulous rings in peridot, the Mayhem Ring - a proper statement design, Senna Ring & the Peacock Ring - a more delicate ring design. I really love this colour as it's unusual & I've never seen a colour like it before, hopefully there's more to come.

This pic of Madeleine wearing all the colours of the Senna Ring shows how mixing it up can look so vibrant, even though they're subtle colours, it's still a great effect.

Senna Rings

A supposed clash of colours, as in the main Mexican picture, & look what you get. What a noise !

If you fancy watching something dramatised about Frida Kahlo, there's 'Frida' starring Penelope Cruz & several documentaries to choose from at

Enjoy !