and a Happy New Year to you

There it goes, 2020.... bye bye. No need to write about what a year it's been, I'll leave that to the professionals & anyhow we all know, we've all had our own experiences.

Despite everything, funnily enough we had a really busy November in lockdown getting the shop in Dublin ready for re-opening in December -doing it online like the rest of the world !  I have to say it's been so lovely to be able to hang out with everyone again & chat to customers person ! It's been such a treat - I'll be raising a glass to human contact tonight for sure !

I don't know where you might be but where I am is absolutely freezing. I have a wood burner as my main source of heat & I'm going through logs at the rate of knots. One of my neighbours is actually called Jon Logs because... yes you guessed it, he has a wood & sells logs ! He can't chop them fast enough. It's all go around here I can tell you. A pal who lives a stone's throw away has suggested we meet outside a bit later tonight to bring in the New Year, I'm really not sure how long we'll last but the spirit & heart are willing ! No all night knees up this year. I've had to root around under the bed to find those otherwise forgotten chunky knits I mentioned on the home page. When I inspected them, my selection is really incredibly dreary. Navy blue, beige, choclolate brown (it's a good fit but not chunky so not warm) & a very pale washed out pink. I don't even have any in my favourite colour, black. Okay, black's not officially a colour. I obviously don't enjoy buying them that's all I can say. Also, they make me feel overweight & restricted, most probably because I'm fairly short. However, if I put my hair up and don a pair of chandelier dangley earrings it makes me feel a lot better. These are the ones I've chosen for tonight's sort of lowly celebration, the Phoenix Earrings - one of Madeleine's original classic earring designs made of sterling silver & decorated with little gold vermeil balls, they're still a really popular design. I have a pair in Opal, they're pretty fab I can tell you. They also come in Amethyst & Blue Topaz.

They give me a spot of glamour in contrast to the rest of me !

Phoenix Earrings in Opal

Now, if you've read my blogs before, you'll know I'm quite partial to the odd art & museum exhibition suggestion & because of lockdown the virtual tours this year have been pretty amazing with an enormous range & what's more most of them are free. 

I'm just going to suggest one that I think is really positive & colourful & was made during lockdown. On the Tate website it's 'Uniqlo Tate Lates - Night In' - a 30 min film about 3 different artists' workshops. A really very enjoyable watch.

And so here's wishing you a very Happy New Year from myself & Madeleine.

All the best ! xxx