Moonstone for the Full Moon


A full moon on 31st October comes around every 19 years - and this is the year !

Moonstone, aptly named because of its milky, pearly, opalescent colour. The Romans & Greeks believed it came from the Moon & you can understand why, look at the colours.

Moonstone became very fashionable around the turn of the 20th century largely in part to the French artist-designer, Rene Lalique. He was renowned for his avant-garde jewellery & stunning glasswork. Apparantley, his designs for the Paris shop Maison de L'Art Nouveau gave the famous Art Nouveau movement it's name. Certainly if you look at jewellery designs around that period there is a definitite leaning towards the milky, pearly, paler gemstones enriched with silver & gold lattice work. 

Moonstone has a special place in Madeleine's gemstone jewellery collections. The mixture of silver & gold vermeil really enhances the moonstone effect. I think the moonstone, silver & gold vermeil mix looks really fabulous against black, whether it's smart daytime wear, a cocktail number for the evening, or, as in my case, I love wearing a pair of raggedy jeans, & black t-shirt - then with the chunky moonstone jewellery to contrast style & colour. It's a great look & I like to feel relaxed, but also a good opportunity to wear some statement jewellery when I can't be bothered making the effort to put on a skirt or heels !

One of my favourite pendants, which looks so striking against black, is the Bullrush Pendant in Moonstone. I like to wear the pendant on a longer, thicker, 2mm silver snake chain, usually 24", as I'm a t-shirt girl. This length also looks good with a shirt. If you were wearing it for the evening with a low neckline, then I reckon a 2mm silver snake chain 18" or 20" length would look great.

Bullrush Pendant in Moonstone

Another pendant that looks great hanging against the black is the Art Deco Pendant. This design isn't as chunky & weighty as the Bullrush Pendant but in the plain silver it has an edge to it. Again on a longer thicker snake chain, it really sets it off.

Art Deco Pendant in Moonstone

Now my hands are not my finest feature, so small delicate rings get lost & don't look so good but chunky, statements rings on my index & third fingers, & they're transformed ! The Whirlpool Ring is one of G&B's classic designs, very popular. This is a great example of a silver statement ring. It matches so well with the Bullrush Pendant. It has a kind of Avalon look about it.

Whirlpool Ring in Moonstone

Now put this together with the thick band of the Bamboo Ring - silver with it's flash of gold vermeil & you'll see what I mean.

Bamboo Ring

Happy Halloween !