Rake & you shall find !

I've spent so much time indoors the last couple of months that the usual diversions are losing their appeal. So much so, that I found myself sitting on the floor raking through a couple of boxes filled with forgotten make up and nail polishes. Well, that actually turned out to be a load of fun. Nail polish lasts for ages, even when it's getting a bit sticky you can still get some mileage out of it. So I found myself painting an outrageous display of different pinks on each hand & feet ! It looked a bit downbeat as my hands had that 'tidying up' look, but hey who was seeing them ! It brought back memories of me having a sneaky rake through my Mum's dressing table (with its own matching stool) going through her things and, I have to admit, being a little light fingered with some bits that I took a fancy to ! Always, at the back of the drawers I'd find pairs of forgotten earrings where the gemstone had dropped off one of them or a pendant that was caught up in a scarf & the clasp was broken. There's something incredibly wonderful & satisfying about raking through forgotten things & giving them a place in everyday life again.
Mothers Day isn't that far away now, Sunday 14th March. I know each family has a different way of celebrating, but it's a lovely opportunity to be completely feminine in all the traditional ways.  It doesn't seeem to change that much from year to year. I suppose most of us move away & we see our Mums a little less frequently, so it's something for all of us to look forward to even if you're not able to be there in person, it's lovely to be able to have a think & choose something extra special that maybe your Mum wouldn't bother with for herself. Maybe a pretty piece of unique handmade jewellery, silver earrings, a silver & gold ring or a silver & gold necklace  Other than the usual cards, flowers & chocolates, I know people who have given their Mums stuff to do with the kitchen !  That wouldn't go down well in our family - I have certain relatives who would be, well, none too pleased to say the least ! 
Madeleine has a really unique collection of handmade silver & gold jewellery with unsual gemstones available online here at G&B & also at The Collective. Both websites give you the option to click & collect from the shop in Dublin if you're local The Collective 24 Drury Street Dublin D02 V658.
Finally, if you fancy improving your sketchbook skills join artist & designer Morag Myerscough's free workshop online here at The Design Museum London.