6 Emerald Pieces That Will Fill Everyone You Know Green With Envy


Every gemstone has several meanings, some of which will resonate differently with each person. Red rubies, for example, are considered blatant symbols of passion and love. Emerald on the other hand, is seen as a much more subtle stone.

Known to be a calming colour, green emerald’s are often associated with peace and balance, a symbol of fertility and healing. The Egyptians are said to have believed that emerald was a source of eternal life which is why Cleopatra adorned herself in them. It’s in this same thread of eternity that relates to the popularity of emerald wedding rings too. 

And of course, emerald happens to be the birthstone for all you May babies out there. So whether you’re treating yourself to a statement piece for your collection or shopping around for the perfect wedding ring, here are our top picks of elegant, rough emerald pieces currently available at Gallardo & Blaine.

Senna Ring in Rough Emerald, €75,00 

Iris Dangle Earrings Silver & Gold in Rough Emerald, €102,00


Heart Dragonfly Pendant in Rough Emerald, €112,00 


Magnolia Ring in Rough Emerald, €158,00 

Jasmine Ring in Rough Emerald, €110,00

Peacock Cuff in Rough Emerald, €288,00


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