Ring Sizing

Nearly all our rings are designed as adjustable, however there are two or three that are sized so if you're not sure of your ring size or maybe you're buying for someone else - there's a couple of ways around it.

Either way you'll be able to work it out from a ring you have already or by measuring your finger - remember not to measure your finger if it's cold, as fingers have a habit of shrinking !

The free Ring Sizer app by Jason Withers - Cherry Design - gets 4.5 star reviews on the Apple Store for IOS & 4 stars on  Google Play for android. Easy to use with an existing ring.

If you need to physically measure your finger you can use a piece of string & size it up with the measurements below.

G - 45.5mm   H - 46.7mm  I - 48mm 

 J - 48.7mm  K - 49.9mm  L - 51.2mm

 M – 52.5mm  N – 53.8mm  O – 55mm 

   P – 56.3mm  Q – 57.6mm  R – 58.9mm

  S – 60.1mm  T – 61.4mm  U – 62.7mm 
V – 64mm  W – 65.2mm  X – 66.5mm