How I get Inspired as a Designer

Ever wondered about the artistic process of jewellery designers?  From inspiration to the designing process, let's dive into the heart and soul of the G&B brand.


Finding Inspiration:

Beauty is all around and my inspiration knows no bounds! Art galleries, abstract paintings, ancient arts, and the wonders of nature—all of these fuel my creativity and make my designs come to life.


Capturing the Spark:

When inspiration strikes, I grab my sketchbook and let my imagination flow. It's about capturing the essence of my vision and letting it evolve through my drawings. That's where the magic happens!


Crafted with Love:

My true passion lies in creating jewellery that connects with you on a personal level. Being surrounded by beauty has always been important to me. I found so much happiness and healing in my jewellery-making journey and sharing that happiness with my customers has always been my deep purpose.


To me, jewellery is more than just looking stunning—it's about capturing the essence of our life’s stories. That’s why many of my pieces are inspired by friends and family and the connections that have meant most to me in my life. Peek below to see of pieces in my collection that have been inspired by key moments in my life.


Join me in next month’s blog where I share the stories behind my best sellers.


Maddy x