Add To Cart: Summer Steals From Gallardo & Blaine

There’s no better feeling than when you start to notice the days getting longer, the air getting warmer and the happy go lucky energy that summer brings. However, the feeling of finding those key, summer luxe jewellery pieces, well now, that’s a whole other level of joy coming your way. 

With over 200 handcrafted pieces, Gallardo & Blaine is the perfect place to find your signature summer gems. Founder, Maddy’s love of jewellery, from the ancient to the new, inspires her to design Gallardo & Blaine collections to be bursting with bright, unusual gemstones and the contrast of silver and gold together. 

Summer is in the air, we can finally make plans again. Whether statement pieces or timeless heirlooms are your thing, shop these summer steals from Gallardo & Blaine today.


Check out our beautiful summer jewellery below,





Iris Earrings in various gemstones

Leaf Ring in various gemstones

Honey Bee Ring

Phoenix Earrings in various gemstones