Shopping trips

 Remember shopping trips ? trudging from shop to store, throbbing feet, panicking every time you left a shop thinking that you'd left something behind, getting home with more than you thought you could afford. Crazy & chaotic, but oh wasn't it marvellous ! That avenue of pleasure that is currently suspended will surely be back again soon, it's a national pastime ! But.....this last year, we have with the greatest of ease fallen into the wonderful world of sofa/bed/kitchen stool shopping. It's addictive & let's be honest, there are whole new worlds to be found that you wouldn't be able to see in one afternoon in a town or indeed in a city. So with loss we've also gained some new & extraordinary things. 

Our unique Irish jewellery is travelling much further afield now, going to customers as far as the States & Australia. It's exciting & we've really got into the swing of it. Plus people are very happy to wait an extra few days for something a bit different to travel the continents, because we've all discovered these different worlds & cultutres from plenty of time spent surfing.

In Ireland I think we have until June to see the contemporary Irish jewellery that's on display at Madeleine's shop, The Collective at 24 Drury Street Dublin D02 V658, that's if you're in the hood. But even though it's not open at the moment for browsing, you can order online & collect directly from Madeleine at the shop. It's all very easy.

Also, if you've started to plan your engagement or wedding for this summer, Madeleine also offers a bespoke jewellery service, special designs just for you & your partner. Now that takes the ache out of your feet for sure !